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    Tough Decision Ahead

    Hello, I guess I might as well start off with a little background information about me. I am a senior in high school and currently accepted to ODU and VT. I was wait listed for UVA. Anyways, it has been my dream for quite some time to join the Navy. However, I recently received a 4 year Air...
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    I Can't Contact ROTC Representive Due to Family Issues... Need Help Please

    I do not want to be too open, but I will say as much to frame my situation. My parents did not grow up in America and they cannot see a woman serving her country in any way. If they found out, I can honestly and purely say I do not know what will happen to me. For this reason, even though this...
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    Double Major and ROTC??

    Hello, I am currently a senior in high school and I am a fourth year cadet at the Air Force Junior ROTC program at my high school. In college, I am wanting to pursue a double major in architecture (5 year program) and finance (4 year program). I will not be able to afford to pay for this...
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    Airforce Reserves - Credit Checks

    hi guys, my cousin wants to join the airforce reserves. He is concerned he has really bad credit as they do credit check. Does anyone know at what point during the enlistment process do they run his credit report? During MEPS or at the recruiter level? Thanks
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    Fail Pilot School

    Hey everyone. I am currently a second-semester freshman AFROTC cadet and my major goal in the Air Force is to become a pilot. My second choice (backup) is to become a combat rescue officer. However, my second choice could possibly become my first as I have absolutely no idea what happens if one...
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    enlistment help!!!

    I am currently DEP for the Airforce my ship date is april. I am wondering if i can change my 6 year contract to 4 before i leave? I got stuck with open mechanical aptitude and dont want a crappy job for 6 years.
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    Foolish to defer AFROTC scholarship for NROTC college option?

    Hello Everybody, For quite sometime it has been my dream to be a Naval Officer. For a while it was my dream to go to USNA, but I soon realized that I do not really care which commissioning route I take as the end result would be the same. Anyway, I recently received a 4 year type-7 AFROTC...