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    I dont know if ROTC is for me

    I’m a senior in college and contracted as an Ms3 in army rotc. I was able to get a two year scholarship because even though I am senior I had about two years of courses left. This was because it took me a while to decide on my major which is finance. I feel like ROTC isn’t for me because it...
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    Saw a nurse practicioner for depression/anxiety but never took meds; Can I still get into AFROTC?

    Backstory: I was gaslighted by my abusive ex and told my nurse practicioner I was depressed and anxious when I wasnt. In case you dont know what gaslighting is here's the definition: gaslighting manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. The NP (nurse...
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    Situational Depression Anxiety DQ

    Hey, everyone. I have finally resorted to posting on the forums; no just lurking here. I am a freshman at the University of Wyoming in the AFROTC program. I was on a type 2 scholarship up until my Detachment commander discovered that I was medically disqualified for depression, anxiety...
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    I'll try to make this short and sweet! I'm currently an AS200 enduring my FTP smester here at Embry Riddle. This is the semester where I compete for a rated enrollment allocation, to go to field training this summer. Currently I'm in the process of getting my DoDMERB sorted out and I found out...
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    Recently had DoDMERB exam, will I be DQ'ed?

    Hello, I had my DoDMERB exam this past Monday, and I am worried I will be DQ'ed. I wear glasses, and have astigmatism. I have heard that the DQ for astigmatism is +/- 3.00, I am -1.25 but I am still worried because I have other things that could potentially DQ me. There was a time during my...