ap exam scores

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    I didn't do so hot on one of my AP Exams, how will this effect my chances?

    So these are my AP score starting from Freshman year 9th AP Human Geography - 4 10th AP European History - 4 AP Computer Science A - 4 AP Calculus AB - 5 11th AP Calculus BC - 5 (AB Sub score - 5) AP Language and Composition - 4 AP U.S History - 4 AP Statistics - 2 I got an A in all of these...
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    AROTC Three-Year Scholarship with AP Credit Policies

    While researching information about the AROTC three-year scholarship, I found many sources stating how the scholarship starts your Sophomore year of college or even during your second semester after you have displayed exceptional characteristics. If one were to have enough AP credits due to...
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    Course validation

    Hello all, I know this might be a long shot, but can anyone speak to validating chemistry 1 & 2? I have read through the resources I could find on course validation at USNA but am curious about the tests administered/steps necessary to place out of chem 1&2, as AP scores are not used to do...
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    AP Exam Scores

    Should my daughter have the College Board send her AP exam scores to ROTCs? She received perfect 5s on all of them. For most college applications, they are self reported but there is no real place for this on ROTC applications.