ap exam

  1. D

    Which is more beneficial for me in the long run, of being a candidate for USMA? (IB OR AP)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a sophomore moving on into my junior year. I go to a pretty average school that offers me IB courses and AP courses. I'm currently enrolled under IB, but I can still exit at anytime I want, and so far I can see the work is much more stressful than AP. I've asked...
  2. S

    I didn't do so hot on one of my AP Exams, how will this effect my chances?

    So these are my AP score starting from Freshman year 9th AP Human Geography - 4 10th AP European History - 4 AP Computer Science A - 4 AP Calculus AB - 5 11th AP Calculus BC - 5 (AB Sub score - 5) AP Language and Composition - 4 AP U.S History - 4 AP Statistics - 2 I got an A in all of these...
  3. USNAismyplace

    AP Statistics: good choice?

    Hello all, quick question. I am a sophomore and I am beginning the process of selecting AP courses for my junior year. Is AP Stats a good class to have under my belt as a SA hopeful (I would be taking Honors Precalculus along with this)? Thanks to everyone who helps me out!
  4. B

    AP Testing

    Hi all, I've been trying to decide if it's necessary for me to take AP tests this year. I took AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, and AP Lang last year and did well on all 3, and am currently enrolled in AP Statistics and AP Lit this year. I've received mixed answers from people I've asked...
  5. cajunrouge2021

    Validation of AP Lit and AP Lang

    I scored a 4 on the AP Literature exam and feel confident I could excel at the validation exam (you take that during CBT in order to validate that course, right?) This year I am taking AP Language and I think it looks like I am going to get a 4 or 5 on the exam. I have a 36 ACT Reading and 35...
  6. B

    AP Exams and validation tests

    Hello everyone! I am taking six AP exams this year but I will not receive scores until July. Do these AP exam scores matter for validation? Also, how different/how hard are validation tests compared to AP exams? Should I study for them? How do I sign up for them? What benefit does validation...