1. T

    ABOLC for Nationl Guard Members

    Hello I am Commissioning in May 2018, and will be going to an ABCT (Armor Brigade Combat Team) in NC. I will be a PL for 1-120 infantry Regiment. I was curious about how housing is done for National Guard 2LTs. According to Fort Benning ABOLC website, Armor BOLC is a 6 month PCS. With that being...
  2. SkyTargeter

    Army ROTC Armor/Infantry Branch Competitiveness

    I'm currently considering Army ROTC and I'm wondering how competitive it is to get into the Armor or Infantry branches as a Line Officer after gaining a commission from ROTC. Is it doable to become an Infantry/Armor officer through ROTC, or is West Point the main way? Thanks for any answers...