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    Can an officer in the US military either active/reserve/national guard switch branches?

    If for example I became a reserve officer in the army as a 17A would I be able to switch branches to the Navy or Airforce reserve while in service? If not could I switch after I am done with my term? Would I be able to retain my rank as officer if I switch branches? Thank you.
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    [OCS] Looking for career advisement

    Hi, first post on any military forum board and eager to talk to any serviceman or veteran who could help provide some career guidance on my intents to go through Army OCS within the next < 5 years. Some background, if necessary: Info: <1 y 'til B.S. graduation in an engineering field, may have...
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    I am on the verge of starting College. My parents want me to take the Early Commissioning Program since I want to become an Army officer After my two years in a Junior College, will I be able to choose myself the 4-year college I need to complete my degree, or will the Army impose this college...