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  1. C

    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    My MSG just told our MSIII class that the PT test for OML record at camp this coming summer will be the ACFT. This is the first time I am hearing this information. Has anyone heard anything on this?
  2. B

    The "Typical Week" Essay for the Army ROTC Scholarship

    Question 2 is this: "State below in the space provided how you spend your time in a typical week during the school year. For Example, how many extra hours do you spend: at school, doing homework, engaged in athletic activities, engaged in extracurricular activities (i.e. clubs), engaged in...
  3. N

    Asthma Waiver AROTC

    Figured I'd make a post detailing my waiver process to help anyone out there going through the same thing. I was diagnosed with asthma as a toddler and had inhalers prescribed up until I was 16. I never used the inhalers past my 10th birthday but they were still prescribed as a precaution. I...
  4. B

    Chances for Army ROTC Scholarship?

    Thanks for taking the time to look through this. I haven’t done my fitness assessment yet but the numbers on here are my estimates for when I do it. Everything else is up to date. GPA (unweighted): 4.0 GPA (weighted): 5.56 ACT: 36 (with a 36 in all four sections, not sure if that matters in...
  5. C

    ADSO and Branch Detail

    1) I know that with an ADSO you sign up for additional service to help get the branch you want. What are the best branches to ADSO for if you're an average cadet? 2) I know that Branch Detail also gets you your preferred branch in exchange for serving in another branch. What branches can you...
  6. J

    Is it more competitive to get a 4 year scholarship (AROTC) at Texas A&M than say a regular non SMC

    Is it more competitive to get a 4 year scholarship (AROTC) at Texas A&M than say a regular non SMC college?
  7. K

    Difficult Decision Between AROTC and NROTC MO

    Hello everyone, this past year I applied for both the Army ROTC Scholarship and the Marine Corps National Scholarship. I'll be attending Norwich University in the Fall. My original goal was to work for the Marine Corps National Scholarship only, but I was convinced by my parents that it'd be a...
  8. JohnJr1601

    ROTC Questions

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding ROTC that I have been wondering. I'd be happy with any answer to any (or all) of the questions: 1. What does one do differently going in "non-contracted" as opposed to contract? 2. Does one just sign up for the two military science classes...
  9. A

    School Recommendations for AROTC GTG ADO desiring Aviation

    I’m currently in the Army and have 2 years of college done. I’m looking to do Green to Gold (ADO) starting the fall semester of 2020. My immediate desire is to Branch Aviation, which I know most likely means I’d fly rotor wing, but my long term goal is to fly for FedEx. In order to best set...
  10. D

    Army rotc Dodmerb same as Airforce rotc?

    I’m in Airforce rotc and the Dodmerb dqd me even with waiver now in rebuttal process does anyone know if I might be able to get into army rotc or are they both the same when it comes to this?
  11. J

    Will I qualify for a scharship?

    Hi Everyone, I'm in Army ROTC and just had my PT test this morning, and got a 257/300. My GPA is currently a 2.72. Will these stats be sufficient enough to qualify me for a scholarship? Im a second semester sophomore, MS1 cadet and Biology major. If I dont qualify this semester, would I be...
  12. Montana State Army ROTC

    Turn AROTC 3yr AD Scholarship into a 4yr at Montana State

    Hello All I am happy to announce that Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, is providing a great opportunity to turn your National 3year AD into a 4 year scholarship. Where you normally would have to pay your freshman tuition before your 3yr AD scholarship kicks in your sophomore year...
  13. B

    Army ROTC SMP

    I am currently a MS1 on scholarship and am very interested in the SMP program. I tried talking to guard recruiters, but did not get a definite answer on what the eligibility was to join. I do not want the GRFD money because I hope to go active duty when I commission, but I really want hands-on...
  14. J

    ROTC Physical Fitness Assessment

    I got 54 pushups 47 curl ups 7:30 mile time As a male should I take it again? I completed this test within the much more difficult service academy CFA, so I was a little tired out and my scores aren't as good as they could be, but I don't want to take it again if it's not worth it. My SAT is...
  15. C

    Army ROTC 4 year Scholarship

    For the Army ROTC 4 year national scholarship, is it possible to do 8 years of reserve service. 2 weeks in the summer, one weekend a month? Can you also pick the place you drill at? As always, any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. C

    Army rotc scholarship transfer

    Hello: I am looking for some guidance and help on the topic of transferring a 4 year Army ROTC Scholarship from a senior military college to a civilian university. I am a current MS1 freshman and am looking to transfer schools after the end of this year. I have a 4 year national scholarship...
  17. jcgc745

    AROTC Waiver for ADHD and Adjustment Disorder?

    This is what it states so far: 28-Jun-18 Application Status Change Date 28-Jun-18 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system 28-Jun-18 Application Added 12-Jul-18 Actual date of exam 20-Aug-18 Date exam received at DoDMERB 20-Aug-18 Medical data entry 23-Aug-18 Date letter sent - Remedial(s)...
  18. C

    ARMY Rotc DIsenrolled does DD 785 affect national guard OCS?

    DS has a bachelor's and getting involuntarily dis enrolled due to not getting advance camp credit. She found out she might be getting a DD 785 does that affect getting into the national guard OCS?
  19. B

    Upcoming MS3 Branching/Accessions

    Hey guys, I have got some branching questions for you all. I am going into my MS3 year this year and have ultimately decided that I want to branch infantry. My question for you guys is the competitor ness level to get it? I’ve noticed the last two years that all the officers who commissioned...
  20. L

    DoDMERB- Army ROTC- Hypothyroidism

    I'm about to begin the DoDMERB process for Army ROTC and would appreciate some insight. I have hypothyroidism which is controlled by medicine. What is the likelihood of getting a medical waiver granted for hypothyroidism? Has anyone been successful recently? Background info: I tried to...