1. USNAMomNY

    Looking for Guidance Graduation Present NAVY AVIATION

    Looking for guidance What are the appropriate sunglasses for NAVY AVIATION? Thank you
  2. meooowwaahawhh

    Free Flight Training in High School (how to)

    In high school, I have run across so many people who talk about their desire to fly but cannot do so because of money. And trust me, I understand the struggle; my family is very poor. There is no way my parents could ever afford flight hours. But here I am, a lower-income high schooler with a...
  3. W

    Aviation Help

    I'm honored and truly blessed to be in the current "dilemma" that I am in. Last week I got into Naval Academy Prep. I also got into USMA and now I've also received an appointment to USAFA. I love all three academies and am most in love with USAFA and USMA. I want to pursue a career in aviation...