1. B

    What varsity sports at the USNA are MID's from club/intramural sports most likely to be able to walk on for?

    I'm an incoming MIDN who is curious about playing a varsity sport, as a walk-on. Specifically, I want to walk on for the varsity basketball team, but I want to know how realistic that is, if I start off as a member of the USNA's intramural basketball team. If basketball doesn't work out, I'll...
  2. M

    Varsity sports question

    Hello! In the past, I've done two individual varsity sports (I didn't receive letters in them) and I'm contemplating between either doing Lacrosse or Football next where I know I'll receive a letter. I have non-varsity experience in both sports and I enjoy playing them a lot. The R.A.N.D. A.A.S...
  3. Gonavyusna

    Proficiency in ball sports recommended for the Naval Academy?

    I received an appointmet just today to the Naval Academy, with my LoA arriving on just the second of this month. Though I am very physically active (preparing for State Swim Championships coming this weekend, among others) I have no experience in ball sports (basketball, baseball, volleyball...