bgo interview

  1. A

    What is the general USNA attitude towards the medical corps?

    Hello all, what is the general USNA attitude towards those that choose to go to the Navy Medical Corp and enter medical school directly after USNA? ( I have heard, from those that are not midshipmen, the military tends to "disapprove"...
  2. A

    How long BGO interviews "typically" last?

    Hello all, I have a question about how long BGO interviews "typically" last. How long did your/your child/etc's BGO interview last? Mine lasted barely fifteen minutes. It was conducted virtually and I was only asked why I wanted to come to USNA. I am feeling a little apprehensive as I was not...
  3. LoganWHS

    Need An Answer About An Odd Situation About My BGO And NAPS.

    About a few days ago, I got a call from my Blue and Gold officer from USNA about why I hadn't finished my application. I explained that I did not receive nominations to the Naval Academy and that I was just focusing on my West Point and King's Point applications. He said that I can still receive...
  4. Beamer

    CFA and Interview

    This is my first post. I am currently applying to USAFA, USNA, and USMA. I am pretty much finished with all of these applications except the essays, CFA, and their respective interviews. I am hoping to get into USAFA as my first and and USNA as my second. I just have a few questions. I...
  5. C

    Citizens Living Abroad complications

    Hello everyone, Currently I can be considered as a U.S. citizen living abroad. I was accepted to the NASS 2018 and I'm going to apply to the USNA class of 2023. I am desperate to know how my application process will vary from the other candidates. I am eligible for a MOC nom and will apply for...
  6. J

    Blue and Gold Officer

    Hello Everyone, Many people have told me to establish good connections with my BGO, but I am having difficulty with some things. First, how do you know who your Blue and Gold Officer is? I checked on the USNA website (, and I saw three BGO (for VA). I was...
  7. M

    BGO interview attire for women

    Hi. My daughter has her BGO interview tomorrow at our home. She's debating between wearing a formal (plain, fitted, charcoal grey) interview dress or going more casual, skirt and top, more the level of church clothes. Also, she has long hair. Is it acceptable to pull it back in a simple low...