blue and gold officer

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    Blue and Gold Officer not replying

    Good Afternoon, I'm reapplying to the academy this year and my brand new BGO is not answering my emails (its been 2 days). I was thinking about sending a follow-up email and possibly a phone call this weekend, however, I don't want to be seen as a pushover. what should I do? -FreeBird15
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    Blue and Gold Officer interview top 5%

    Does anyone know what the top 5 percent is in Blue and Gold Officer interviews and how does it change the applicants application?
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    Should I contact my Blue and Gold Officer

    I am going to be a Sophomore this year in High School and really want to attend the Naval Academy. Should I contact my Blue and Gold Officer now or wait later?
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    Opinion needed from BGO or parent of midshipman please

    I have been contacted by a parent who has a daughter interested in the academies. This potential candidate is appears qualified on paper (great grades, volunteer, girls state, two sport athlete and letter-winner, etc). This potential candidate has said that she wishes to quit her spring sport as...
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    Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    Hello, I am writing here last minute because I don’t know what else to do. I have completed my whole application for USNA with noms and everything, but I don’t have the Blue and Gold Officer interview done yet. I have emailed my area coordinator, my admissions officer, and even called USNA but I...
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    Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    Hello, It has been 8 weeks since I conducted my B&G officer interview, and it still says nothing received on my USNA portal. Should I contact my B&G officer and ask if he has done it? Or would that be too rude?
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    Where to Find my BGO

    Hello again, I was wondering if our BGO was chosen based on where you live, or where your school is. I go to school in MD, but I live in NOVA (Northern VA). I reached out to someone, and he did not specifically tell me, he just said: "I can help you even though you go to school in MD." This...
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    Blue and Gold Officer

    Hello Everyone, Many people have told me to establish good connections with my BGO, but I am having difficulty with some things. First, how do you know who your Blue and Gold Officer is? I checked on the USNA website (, and I saw three BGO (for VA). I was...
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    Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    My daughter has applied to the USNA and has a Blue and Gold Officer coming to our house tonight to interview her and speak with my wife and I. Any suggestions on what to prepare expect and how to respond to the BGO both from our daughter's perspective and my wife and my perspective?
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    Parents Role in Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    Recently I was contacted by my Blue and Gold Officer for an interview and he mentioned that he wanted my parents there. I've been looking around at different forums and this doesn't seem like an unusual request but I was curious as to what exactly he may ask my parents or why he wants them...