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    Gift for enlisting best friend

    I know this does not really have anything to do with the service academies but I could not really find much else when searching. My best friend is going to be joining the army after he graduates this year. He means the world to me and has done more for me than anyone else ever has. I want to...
  2. J

    Basic Not Required With 2 Years ROTC Training?

    Hey all, first time here on the SAF, and was hoping I could find some answers. Recently I was on YouTube trying to find some information about the ROTC/NG SMP (Simultaneous Membership Program) and I came across this video: In the video, and 2 minutes 30 seconds, the guy says he contacted a...
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    enlistment help!!!

    I am currently DEP for the Airforce my ship date is april. I am wondering if i can change my 6 year contract to 4 before i leave? I got stuck with open mechanical aptitude and dont want a crappy job for 6 years.