boys/girls state

  1. U

    Boy's State or Navy JROTC Leadership Academy?

    Hello! I am currently facing a dilemma on whether to attend Boy's State of NJROTC Leadership Academy. I'll get straight to the point. I have the opportunity to attend Boy's State with a sponser and all of that or attending my area's NJROTC LA. I'm sure everyone here knows what Boy's State is so...
  2. birdwatcher4125

    How to deal with Boys/Girls State cancellations on Candidate Applications

    Greetings, Back in March a USMA Admissions Officer (LT Le) was addressing questions about Boys/Girls State cancellations and he posted the following "If you were selected but it is now cancelled, a letter from the Legion President will suffice for us. Please have it signed, dated, scanned, and...