1. VP.28

    Validating Calculus

    Hello all! Looking at the course validation options, I noticed that they give tests over plebe summer all the way to Calculus 3. It looks like my 4 in BC (4 AB sub score too) will validate me out of Calc I and Calc II. For those who do validate Calc 3, will you be placed in Math IV plebe year...
  2. S

    Benefits/Drawbacks of Validating Calculus?

    so i know that validation at USMA happens when you take USMA’s test for the course during Beast, and if you do good on it, they let you move up. I also have learned that there are specific courses that you can validate with an AP Exam score, one of them being the econs/business course with a 5...
  3. navy/airforce-hopeful man

    Take Pre-Calc (high success probability) or Calc? (lower success probability)

    Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I am currently a re-applicant to USAFA for the class of '28. I will be attending a local state school in the fall, and I'm in the process of selecting my courses. I didn't take many advanced math courses in high school, and when...
  4. V

    Calculus NROTC

    I have a question, I’ve recently taken my math placement test and did terrible on it. Luckily, I am able to take it 2 more times before this upcoming Friday. Is calculus hard and when do I have to complete the requirement by (End of college or end of Sophomore year). I’ve also received a 4 year...
  5. 2

    Validating Courses

    I just completed my sophomore year of college at an engineering school, so I have taken Calculus 1,2,3, Diff EQ, Physics 1,2, Chemistry 1,2, Statics, and Dynamics. I am hoping to test out of at least Physics, Chemistry, and all Calculus courses. I was wondering if people know any good study...
  6. G

    Prior College Questions

    General question here: I have an Associate of Engineering, which includes classes such as Calculus 1-3, Physics 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, C++ programming, Engineering Graphics, etc. This degree in my state is mainly just a transfer degree, which allows me to transfer to a university without...
  7. N

    Reason Behind NROTC Calculus&Physics Requirement?

    Hello all, The title here is fairly self-explanatory. I am a NROTC midshipman in his second year, on a 4-year scholarship contract. As someone who is not the greatest at math and science (read: calculus and calculus-based physics), I am quite worried about how NROTC will play out. My question...
  8. N

    NROTC Calc and Physics

    Hello all, I am a NROTC Midshipman about to start my first calculus class in about two months. Calc and physics are what weed out the majority of Navy-options, so I’m told. Anybody have any advice on how to finish those courses successfully? Any input would be much appreciated! PS: if you are...