candidate activities record

  1. E

    Candidate Activities Record

    I am about to submit my CAR but I am a little reluctant to because I am not sure if it can be updated later. I am a junior right now and know for a fact that I will be receiving multiple officer positions next year. Can I update the CAR in a few months when I return to school and receive said...
  2. fullspeedahead

    Candidate Activities Record

    Hello all, I am a current reapplicant about to enter my first year of college. I just had a quick question about the Candidate Activities Record in terms of entering new data for extracurricular activities in college. The form only gives the option for activites and sports completed during 10th...
  3. J

    No place for 9th grade achievements on Candidate Activities Record?

    When I was filling out my Candidate Activities Record with all of my accomplishments, activities, and sports for high school, I could only list it for 10th, 11th, and what we predict for 12th grade. Is this how it is supposed to be? Why are 9th grade activities not recorded?