candidate fitness assesment

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    Still not contacted for DoDMERB

    I was told that I would be contacted to for the DoDMERB. I'm told that I qualified, but it's been months and no contact. I've tried to reach out by email and phone, no response. Any advice?
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    CFA Retake Scores

    Per the advice of many on this forum, I have continued to work at my application in hopes of somehow eventually getting a nomination. Anyways, here are my CFA scores (male): Basketball throw: 63 ft Pull ups: 8 Shuttle run: 10.3 Modified sit ups: 61 Push ups: 52 Mile run: 7:55 Obviously lots...
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    CFA Results

    I am a female, and I just took the CFA for the first time today. My scores are as follows: B-ball throw: 42 feet Flexed arm hang: 32 seconds Shuttle run: 10.9 seconds Sit-ups: 54 Push ups: 36 Mile run: 8:31 I did plug my numbers into the online calculator, and it said that I passed...