candidate fitness assesment

  1. S

    CFA Passing Score?

    I have my official CFA on Monday and I am a little worried. Over winter break I caught a really bad flu and it took me out for almost 3 weeks which means I did next to nothing for physical fitness. I took a practice CFA and I was wondering if I scored the same would this be considered passing...
  2. C

    LoA Expiration

    I received my LoA to USMA about two months ago. As usual, the first paragraph included a notice that it would expire on a pre-determined date if I hadn't completed my file by then. I completed all remaining items, except for the CFA, which I had to postpone due to an injury. I missed the...
  3. A

    What happens if one passes their first CFA but retakes and fails their second CFA?

    What happens if one passes their first CFA but retakes and fails their second CFA? Hoping this forum can possibly give some answers. Thanks!
  4. WingsofBlue19

    What PFT score is most in need of improvement?

    After 2 months with no scheduled PT I took the PFT again, or atleast the JROTC version, which is watered down and consists of 1 minute of pushups, 1 minutes of Situps, and a 1 -mile run. My scores were as follows- Pushups/Min:52 Situps/Min:52 Mile Run: 6:52 A little 52 heavy, isn't it? I...
  5. navy/airforce-hopeful man

    Am I about to fail the CFA?

    Hello good people of this board, I just had my last training session before taking the Candidate Fitness Assessment this Tuesday and I'm pretty disheartened. I am very far below average in half the events, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail. I'm an 18 year old male and the farthest I've ever...
  6. W

    Still not contacted for DoDMERB

    I was told that I would be contacted to for the DoDMERB. I'm told that I qualified, but it's been months and no contact. I've tried to reach out by email and phone, no response. Any advice?
  7. E

    CFA Retake Scores

    Per the advice of many on this forum, I have continued to work at my application in hopes of somehow eventually getting a nomination. Anyways, here are my CFA scores (male): Basketball throw: 63 ft Pull ups: 8 Shuttle run: 10.3 Modified sit ups: 61 Push ups: 52 Mile run: 7:55 Obviously lots...
  8. K

    CFA Results

    I am a female, and I just took the CFA for the first time today. My scores are as follows: B-ball throw: 42 feet Flexed arm hang: 32 seconds Shuttle run: 10.9 seconds Sit-ups: 54 Push ups: 36 Mile run: 8:31 I did plug my numbers into the online calculator, and it said that I passed...