1. N

    Significance of Civil Air Patrol on application

    I would assume that the air Force academy would give some credit to involvement in CAP, but to what extent? Currently, I am a C/SMSgt and hold several leadership roles at my squadron, but I intend to be a C/2ndLt by late June. Hypothetically, if I were not a cadet officer when I applied, would...
  2. T

    CAP/Mitchell influence on AFROTC HSSP?

    How much of a boost do you think a Mitchell award in CAP will give to a competitive AFROTC scholarship applicant? Put another way, would it be more useful, for the purpose of gaining a Tier I AFROTC scholarship, to: a) ... double down on CAP leadership-related activities and spend relatively...
  3. craiyan2

    Civil Air Patrol

    Hi- this might be slightly off topic, but I want to talk about CAP. I emailed a squadron captain nearest to me, and he told me I would have to attend three meetings, the first starting tomorrow, to get to know one another before I can join. Has anyone had experience joining CAP for the first...