1. E

    USMA Taekwondo

    Hi, I am applying to the USMA this year and have a question about blackbelt certificate submission. I got a Taekwondo 2nd Dan in my junior year and wrote this in the CAR. CAR says that I have to submit the blackbelt certificate to the USMA admissions office if I have one, but does not state...
  2. MrSTOCK

    CAR Question

    I am currently filling out the Candidate Activity Record form, and I had some confusion so I will list out some questions. If anyone can answer these, or link a thread that provides an answer, that would be great. ~ I have been weight training for 5 years outside of high school, is there any...
  3. S

    USNA " Car " Loan Money?????

    DS ( a youngster) has mentioned something to the effect that firsties and juniors are eligible for some type of loan that can be used to buy a car in the spring semester of those academic years??? Is that the ACE loan or something else?