1. Beamer

    CommissionED: The Air Force Officer Podcast

    This is just a podcast that I would recommend anyone wondering about careers in the Air Force. They are on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I have attached the link to their website. Also in the podcast description they usually have their guest leave an email where you can ask more questions about...
  2. D


    When are cadets allowed to have a TV, if ever? (Not a big deal, just curious) Is it possible to double-major or earn a minor, potentially through Connecticut College? Does it depend on the major? (I realize it's highly unlikely, but just thought I would ask) Does a career in USCG allow for a...
  3. M


    Hey I'm in high school and want to choose a jet pilot as a career path in the military, and I'm not sure whether to choose AFROTC or NROTC in college.If I want to get a pilot slot will it be more likely in the Air Force or the navy/Marines. Since I heard that the Air Force is getting more drone...
  4. C

    Job Assignments After Graduation?

    Hello all! I'm a soon-to-be senior in high school, and I've started my application to USAFA. However, I'm a bit fuzzy on how cadets get their job assignments following graduation. How much say do cadets have in what their career will be? I've heard that it is based on class rank and, of course...
  5. B

    Branching Advice

    I am finishing up my first year of Army ROTC and I am starting to think about what I should focus on for my branch choice. I realize that I don't choose this until later in my MS-3 year, but want to be on top of things so I know I will be competitive for what ever choice I go with. I am an older...
  6. Z

    BOLC-B lengths

    I am currently on a GRFD in AROTC. I intend on doing an internship next Summer before my completion cadet semester. Many employers although legally they cannot discriminate are less inclined to offer you a full time job knowing you will be gone for BOLC for an extended amount of time. I have...
  7. H

    Officer Positions in The CG

    As someone very interested in the Coast Guard Academy, or direct commission selected school program, because of the ability to gain a bachelors degree and then serve, I was just wondering what kind of positions are available for officers. The website lists the descriptions for enlisted rates but...