1. F

    Changing Name

    Hey y'all I am about to start the process of changing my last name (taking my mothers last name). I was wondering if any of y'all have any experience with that and know how I should go about informing cadre at summer indoc for NROTC and at my college (incoming freshman). I'm not sure how that...
  2. B

    School of Intent Change too late?

    Hello forum, I am a AROTC applicant and I got boarded for the October five days ago. I was wondering if it was still possible to change schools on the list of 7 schools that I submitted. The school of intent list is locked which is understandable, but if in the best case I am matched with my...
  3. M

    AFROTC Major Change

    Hello Everyone, I will be a freshman this fall on a 4 year type 7 technical major scholarship in AFROTC. When I first applied for the scholarship I applied as a meteorology major. I thought meteorology would be interesting but after much thought my mind has changed (as it does for many my age)...
  4. Potential Pilot

    Usmma status switched back from NMMI princiapl to Requested Prep

    Hello! I am a potential lacrosse recruit for Usmma. I am trying to get a spot in NMMI, and my status went from Requested Prep, to NMMI principal, and back to Requested Prep. Does anyone know what this means? I thought I was accepted because of Principal status. Any information is greatly...