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    CIET 2016 questions

    I am a 3yr scholarship winner, non contracted and will contract after I complete this. I am 7th regiment and was wondering if anyone was told what paperwork they were supposed to bring. Should I bring my passport or will a driver's license suffice? I do not have a cac, will i need one for my...
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    Army ROTC CIET

    I am an uncontracted MSI Cadet and my battalion is sending me, one contracted MSII, and one uncontracted MSII to CIET this summer. I have been told that I am going to be contracted or will receive a three year scholarship next year, but "on record" I have only been told that I am being...
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    I'm heading to Cadet Initial Entry Training at Fort Knox in less than two months. I just wanted to know what I should expect and what I should prepare to successfully go through the first steps of ROTC.
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    Project Go and ciet

    Hey I'm an ms2 cadet and I got accepted to an all summer long project go program, but my cadre keeps telling me I might not be able to go because of ciet, and I have to get excused by brigade to do it. What are the chances of me getting excused from ciet?