1. hopefullmom2023

    AROTC VS. NROTC with ISR. What are the differences?

    Hello all, My DS was awarded a 4-year AROTC scholarship to his three first 3 top choices. He has LOA to USMA and to USNA. However, he still does not have a nomination. Interviewed with one Senator, has an interview with second senator next week and District representative in December. He was...
  2. N

    OCS question

    Hi all, Was looking for a better place to put this but couldn't find it. If, besides USNA, I'm looking at a civilian school that does not offer a NROTC program, my only option if I still want to be a naval officer is to go to OCS (I hope I am not misinformed here). So I have a few quick...
  3. J

    Early Action for Civilian Colleges and applying to WP?

    Hi so West Point is no doubt my top choice school, but being the kind of person that I am, I always like being prepared and having a backup plan. Thus, I'm curious as to what's everyone's opinions here in regards to applying early action to civilian colleges in case one does not receive a...