class of 2020

  1. T

    Medications during BCT Class of 2020

    My DS takes antibiotics for severe and painful acne. When he is on the medication his acne is light and his face is pain free. When off the antibiotics his acne is painful and break outs are severe and most embarrassing. I read that medications for acne is not allowed during BCT. Is there any...
  2. cousmma5280

    USMMA Parent Associations

    Class of 2020 Please contact your local USMMA Parent Association for "Welcome Aboard" celebrations. List available on
  3. T

    Bringing ABUs to inprocessing

    Recently, I got sized at a local AFB for ABUs. If I purchase them now, can I bring them to inprocessing?
  4. S

    Cadet Personal Computers

    I have a few questions regarding the Laptops issued to cadets. I am an incoming freshman, and at the summer seminar last year my cadre informed me that the school issued laptops (respectfully) sucked, and that I was better off purchasing my own as long is it was a windows computer and had a...
  5. T

    How to Prep for Plebe Summer

    I've seen a few really insightful threads with some really great advice on preparing for Plebe Summer, but I would be incredibly grateful if we could get some of this information (and hopefully more) in one place for others (like me) who will be joining the Class of 2020 this June. Of course...
  6. G

    Class of 2020 Appointment?

    I received a call today from my Congressman congratulating and informing me that I will be receiving an offer of appointment within the next few days! One of my friends at a prep-school received the same news today as well. Has anyone else been tendered an offer?
  7. amphib76

    Suggestions for type of boots

    So in preparing for Beast, I've been seeking advice from as many alumni as I can. Many have told me to make sure to get, and break in, a pair of boots by the time I leave. Do any Cadets/Soldiers have any suggestions on which kind of Army reg boots are the best? Thanks!
  8. C

    OH accepted appointments

    Hello, who from Ohio has accepted their USMA appointment? 1. @ClimberGirl 2. @takeachance
  9. 2

    Anybody from Missouri received a nomination yet??? (Class of 2020)

    Has anybody heard from Senator Blunt or McCaskill confirming that they got a nomination yet? Or from any of your local representatives(especially Hartzler)? In previous years the senators have notified applicants in mid-late December, so I'm worried that I haven't gotten anything.