class of 2025

  1. U

    Current Female CO 2024 - It's that time again! Ask me anything!

    Hey guys! It's me again - I've posted on this forum before, probably 2 or 3 months ago, and answered any questions that y'all had about West Point, R-Day, being a plebe, etc. I figured it was probably time for another one, considering so many of you are receiving your appointments, or are...
  2. R

    Anyone else doing Syracuse ROTC this fall?

    Got my 4 year scholarship in October, was wondering who else was planning on doing Syracuse ROTC
  3. lacebolla

    Chance Me: USAFA Class of 2025

    Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing okay with this pandemic and that you're staying safe. Seeing as I have just been given Candidate status, along with emailing my ALO for the first time, I thought the time would be appropriate to post a chance me. Thank you in advance for all of y'alls...
  4. M

    What are my chances for admission at the moment?

    Hey, I'm a junior in High School that's wanting to be a career officer in the armed forces and I believe West Point is the best place for me to make that happen; at the moment, I have a 31 ACT score which I'm definitely proud of, but my GPA is holding me back at a 3.45. on the leadership side...