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  1. THmom

    Class rank in class of 58

    DS is in a small graduating class of 58 at a relatively rigorous high school and is in the top 15%. Will SAs, and in particular USMA, not consider his rank due to his class being under 100 and use his SAT/ACT percentile instead, or will they still take his actual class rank? Thanks!
  2. S

    Class Rank Help - USNA Summer Seminar Application

    Hi, I am currently a junior high school student attending Pine View School, which is a magnet school for accelerated students. Obviously, this type of school refuses to rank its students, and has only provided me with a decentile. This is where things are starting to trouble me. I have 4.5...
  3. W

    Will my sloppy Freshmen and Sophomore years destroy my chances at getting in?

    I'll leave it short and simple(as much as I can): Im a three sport athlete, Boys State graduate, and AP student who is also active in school leadership roles while also being a member of volunteering groups. My SAT english is in the 75 percentile of last years graduating class at USAFA and im...
  4. N

    Am I done for???

    Today my school released its class profile and my gpa does not place me among the top 25% of my class. West Point's acceptance profile shows 70% placing within the top 5th. Are my chances basically none now? My school also doesn't rank.
  5. P

    My School Doesn't Rank

    I know West Point is big on your class ranking, but my school doesn't rank...they don't even tell us which percent of the class we're in. How will this affect the way my application appears to the admissions board at West Point? Also random side question. When does the application open? I...