1. C

    AROTC to Air Force or Navy?

    My son will be in AF JROTC next year and plans/wants to stay in ROTC throughout college as well. His college of choice has Army ROTC, but he wants to join either AF or Navy once he has his bachelors. Is there any reason why that would not be possible?
  2. R

    Army ROTC & Gap Year

    Thinking of taking a gap year to save some money, travel, help with family responsibilities etc. before college. Will I lose my ROTC scholarship or will they be receptive to this and be able to defer my ROTC enrollment by one year?
  3. M

    I need info/help with ROTC and the process

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a senior in high school and looking to do Army ROTC in college. I met with my local army recruiter and he said there are two ways to get the scholarship, SMP and Minuteman, I'm still pretty confused about what both are. I've been trying to look for information but I am...
  4. BeastHunter

    Can an NCO administer my CFA

    Hello, I am a college freshman who is applying to USAFA, and I am part of AFROTC. I was wondering if I am allowed to have an NCO (T/Sgt) member of my cadre administer my CFA for me, a commissioned officer, or would I have to go back to my high school to have my senior year gym teacher...
  5. G

    UC Santa Cruz not Accredited Engineering Program

    Hello, I am a student that has gotten the Army ROTC 4-Year Scholarship for Santa Clara University. When I was selecting schools, UC Santa Cruz, the college I wanted to attend, was not an option, so I chose Santa Clara as that's the host university for Santa Cruz. I have been accepted into UC...
  6. M

    Backup School Questions

    I’m applying to USAFA with UCF as my backup. I just got into UCF, and I know it can take a really long time to know about USAFA. For UCF, I have to respond to my offer of admission to go forward with applying to the honors college and housing, which are both rolling admissions so it’s best to...
  7. G

    Appointment Revocation due to College Grades

    Hey everyone, I recently accepted my Fully Qualified Offer of Appointment. I'm a college applicant (not re-applicant) in my Spring Semester at a community college. For the past week, I have been absolutely stressed and overwhelmed with anxiety at the thought of my appointment being revoked...
  8. N


    Hello, I was recently not selected for either an AROTC or AFROTC scholarship. However, I am still very interested in the programs and what they have to offer. I am in need of some guidance on how I should proceed at this point. I am currently a senior in high school who is graduating in about...
  9. H

    Appointment Revoked for bad second quarter college grades?

    I received my appointment at West Point midway through my second college quarter and started slacking a bit. Currently in my chem class, I have a B- and a C in my german class. Will I get my appointment revoked?
  10. F

    Naval Academy Admissions and Jump in Class Rank

    Hello! I jumped from #7 to #2 in class rank at my high school because I took a ton of difficult college classes at the local university and some at the community college (to learn valuable IT skills and science skills, not to boost class rank). I sent my seventh semester transcript, and I’m...
  11. Ant345

    Which college do you suggest?

    Which college do you suggest? Hi everyone, I applied to these colleges and I was wondering which one do you suggest: 1) NORWICH UNIVERSITY 2) THE CITADEL 3) HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY 4) UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT 5) CAL STATE UNIV LONG BEACH Hawaii looks very appealing but the school is very...
  12. I

    Reapplicant with academic issues

    Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well. I’m a reapplicant to the academy whose browsed the forums a lot in the past without an account, but I need some insight on my academic situation. I’m a contracted cadet and 4-year national scholarship winner with my ROTC battalion, which is a...
  13. USMA2026Cadet

    LOA/LOE & College

    I’m a college reapplicant and was wondering if I would be qualified to receive a LOA/LOE if my SSK is fully submitted in August, with the parts I can complete (so not college transcript or activities), but I’d still be missing a few SOEs because of college. Meaning my candidate statements, HS...
  14. U

    College Re-Applicant DODMERB

    Father of 2021 Firstie and now have a DD who re-applied after getting waitlisted last year. All of the app is complete and checked off except for the medical since early Feb. She has improved on all aspects of her application so we are keeping fingers crossed that will push her over the line...
  15. E

    How does ROTC work?

    I’m a senior and am finishing up my ROTC scholarship application. I was wondering, if I don’t get the AROTC scholarship, can I still sign up for ROTC in college and will I still commission as an officer? will I receive some sort of reimbursement upon completion of the ROTC program even if I am...
  16. tpaine7

    College Major - Before a Commission

    I have recently started an application to the University I wish to attend; however, I am having trouble deciding on a major. I have always had an interest towards architectural, aeronautical, and civil engineering, but I feel it would do me no good as a Marine officer; I am looking to make a...
  17. M

    Life Question!!!

    I'm currently in my freshman year of college and I'm transferring down to the big school this spring in order to finish out my Bachelors. I wan't to become a fighter pilot for the Air Force. I was thinking of joining ROTC at the big school cause the small affiliate school I attend doesn't offer...
  18. D

    Other Service Academy Appointment

    Got a DD here who really wants USNA. Applied to the other academies, and is hearing some positive things back from some of them regarding their respective applications, but no word on USNA. So I got a question; if DD gets an appointment to "X" Academy, is it a good idea to tell USNA about it, in...
  19. Senor_

    AFROTC Type 7 Scholarship Inquiry

    I have recently received a Type 7 Scholarship from AFROTC, my selected schools were Embry-Riddle in Daytona, Florida as well as Embry-Riddle in Prescott, Arizona. As I was offered a Type 7 Scholarship (Covering only Public Institutions), I am confused as Embry Riddle is considered a Private...
  20. H

    ROTC to Medical School

    I am currently a high school student attempting to plan out my general career education plan. I have been interested in military service for several years now, and am also looking to have tuition paid for through programs of the US military (air force). While I am not opposed to serving some...