color vision dq

  1. merthofstadter

    Color Vision Deficiency

    Hi everyone, I've got red-green color vision deficiency. I can figure out lantern, cone test and other all except ishihara. Can I get accepted from USAFA and become a Warcraft Pilot or another professions. Thank you.
  2. E

    Should I Ask About Medical Waiver?

    I've currently been disqualified by DoDMERB for some minor and major things; one major thing is color vision deficiency. I have not heard back from admissions or DoDMERB except for the "Under Waiver Review" that is posted on the website, and I know that USNA gives out very few waivers for my...
  3. S

    Color Vision DQ: Reapplying

    Good evening everybody, I unfortunately received my TWE back in early march due to Color Vision Deficiency. While this is very heartbreaking, considering it's something you can't even control, I know that USNA can grant a max of 2% of the upcoming class a Color Vision Waiver (approximately 24...