1. E

    Army ROTC while studying MechEngineering

    I'm entering my third quarter of freshman year in college, joining Army ROTC as an ms1. Im studying mechanical engineering, and aspire to contract active duty in either infantry or the engineering corps. I can max an APFT, but am wondering how high my GPA needs to be in order for me to score...
  2. J

    Out of state to In state tuition ROTC

    Hi everyone, I am a non-commissioned cadet, who joined Army ROTC last month and was offered in-state tuition. My battalions Commanding Officer had told me about it and said I should receive in-state tuition even though im not contracted yet. But, It would be through GI benefits, but I do not...
  3. JGreenberg1191

    Random Question about NROTC Application

    When one applies for NROTC (I know this is true for Navy but I'm not sure about Marine option), they select their desired job (for lack of a better word) in the Navy upon commission (submarines, special warfare, aviation, etc.) They are also asked to write a short essay about why they selected...
  4. M

    Benefits of attending a Senior Military College ROTC vs regular civilian college ROTC

    I was accepted to Norwich University and a number of civilian colleges that offer ROTC (Army). Is the leadership training offered at Norwich much 'better' than at a civilian college ROTC? I want to make the military my career and I like the fact that if you meet the satisfactory requirements...
  5. B

    Alternative to ROTC/USNA: Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC)

    Hi all, I'm a 2010 USNA Graduate and submarine officer who manages NUPOC Accessions for the Navy. NUPOC is an alternative commissioning source to ROTC and USNA that functions quite differently and focuses on engineers and other STEM majors (predominantly, but not exclusively). The program...
  6. H

    Cadet discharge

    looking for some advice, my son just graduated USMA however he received an honorable medical discharge today. 2 years ago he had an injury where the recommended treatment from the Army required him to go on a wait list. That treatment never materialized over the next 24 months even with...