1. D

    Commissioning after Disenrollment Board

    DS just received notification that his disenrollment board is recommending no punishments, that he continue to be enrolled and commissioned. This process has taken almost TWO YEARS. The process was initiated the week prior to graduation. The school cleared him of any wrong-doing and issued his...
  2. J

    AROTC scholarship application denied for 15+ college credit hours

    Hi all, My rotc scholarship application was immediately denied after I put that I’ll have 60credit hours (a full AA). The senior instructor at my local college who I was talking with is currently unreachable but he told me there are 4, 3 and 2 year scholarships and that I am only required to do...
  3. M

    Marine Commissioning Likelihood

    Greetings all, I recently met with a USMC recruiter about a possible future as an officer in the Marine Corps. The USMC seems like an incredibly challenging yet rewarding career path. I am applying to USNA as one of my top choices for college and wanted to know how many USNA graduates per class...
  4. V

    VMI NROTC Commissioning?

    I will be attending VMI this fall (or whenever COVID-19 finally lets up), and I am planning to pursue a commission in the Navy. However, I didn't pick up the 4-year scholarship. I am going in as a Tier 3 Major (History), and I don't want to force myself to pursue a Tier-1 Major because I know...
  5. 23usna23

    Kerataconus--do I qualify to commission?

    I am currently a Midshipman at USNA and I was told over Plebe Summer that I have Keratoconus. I did not think too much of it, as I thought it was a common disorder and that people who have it here receive PRK or LASIK before commissioning. Unfortunately, surgery is not recommended for...
  6. R

    AROTC Commissioning Options

    I am going to be a MS3 in AROTC. In a year from now, I will be at summer training deciding which direction I want to go after commissioning. My scholarship offers a lot of options. I can choose Active Duty, Reserves, or National Guard. I understand there are a lot of factors that play into OML...
  7. C

    Army ROTC Clarification?

    I am currently in high school, and have started looking into colleges. I was hoping to possibly do Army ROTC in college, as I have always been interested in serving. I understand what ROTC is and am clear with most of it. However, I was wondering how the commissioning into different branches...
  8. N

    NROTC Program Changes?

    Hello All, Just curious to see if anyone here is aware of any NROTC program changes that are “coming down the pipe”. It’s always nice to get out ahead of changes to program administration and commissioning requirements (assuming changes are even being made). Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  9. N

    Rotc scholarship And commissioning into reserves

    Hi, I’m considering applying for the national scholarship for the AROTC. I understand that upon commissioning your branch will be determined by the OML. I was hoping someone could clarify though, can an ROTC cadet on scholarship go into the reserves? Or do they have to serve active duty? I have...
  10. N

    Commissioning into the reserves

    Hello, I know that the Army has a guaranteed reserve forces scholarship - I’m pretty sure NROTC does not, but uncertain as to whether or not AFROTc does. I’ve heard that it’s possible. Someone told me that if you have an agreement with a reserve unit, you can commission into the AF reserves...
  11. R

    What are my chances of an Army ROTC scholarship?

    I'm a junior and these are my credentials (Big accomplishments in bold) Academic: ACT is 26, Unweighted GPA is 3.55, Weighted is 3.81. Took 7 honors classes, 6 APs. Athletics: JV Track (2 years, varsity next year), Freshman Basketball, 2 TaeKwonDo 1st degree blackbelts (Assistant Instructor...
  12. R

    Medical Separation 3 months to graduation

    I am at a loss of what to do. I have just been told that I am being medically separated from the Naval Academy, and that I will not be able to graduate or commission. It has been my dream to become a Marine Pilot, and I was selected to do so at service assignment. However, because I sought help...
  13. K

    ROTC what its like and chance of commisioning.

    I want to become an officer, but I'm not sure what branch yet, however, I'm leaning toward air force. I have heard that anyone can join AFROTC everyone is treated the same wither you are a scholarship cadet or not. I have also heard the anyone can take the last 2 years(junior and senor) as long...
  14. bfrat93

    Post BOLC 2LT, open to provide information and advice.

    Hello, everyone. It has been a very long time since I posted on the forums here; I think it's been upward to four years. Just to give some background information: I was a high school four-year scholarship recipient at Penn State AROTC; performed strong academically and was heavily involved as...
  15. W

    Nuke vs Nrotc

    I am currently a senior in high school. I have a 95 on my asvab, and I'm qualified for the nuke program. I also submitted a non-binding acceptance of a 4yr NROTC scholarship to Virginia Tech. I'm trying to make a decision between enlisting or going to school. I know that the navy nuke program...
  16. ktnatalk

    Live Stream of Commissioning 5.26.17

    This was released today. Please share with those who cannot attend in person. ‪‬
  17. ktnatalk

    Selected for BRIGADIER GENERAL

    Colonel Roberta L. Shea, Commanding Officer, I MEF Headquarters Group, who was the last Deputy Commandant at USNA, has been selected for promotion to the rank of Brigadier General last week. She was an enlisted Marine and graduated from USNA in 1991...
  18. ktnatalk

    For Parents of USNA Class of '17

    The USNA Parents Club of Maryland ( hosted a Commissioning 101 Seminar and a First Command Financial Literacy presentation jointly with USNA Parents Club of Northern Virginia this past Saturday (18 Feb 2017). The booklet and the presentations can be found on this...
  19. M

    Getting Job you want after ROTC

    Hi everyone, I'm a sophomore scholarship ROTC Cadet at UMass Amherst. A little about me: I'm currently a Sophomore at UMass Amherst, I have a 3.7 GPA, I'm in the honors college, PT score is a 294, I'm on our Ranger Challenge team, Currently ranked 3rd in my grade for OML, I recently got a CULP...
  20. N

    NROTC Drop On Request - Help!!

    Hello everyone, I am a senior mechanical engineering student and 1/C midshipman on a 2 yr side load scholarship. Up until recently, I had dreams of serving as a nuclear officer onboard a submarine. However, I desperately want to drop out of NROTC as soon as possible. My grandmother (who...