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    District competitiveness

    I’m not sure if anyone will be able to answer this, but I’ve seen other people give insight into the competitiveness of an applicant’s general area. i am applying from central Florida for the class of 2025 to West Point.
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    Am I Competitive? What should I Do Next?

    I fear my greatest challenge will be my teacher evaluations for English and Math as I did not have the greatest relationship with those Jr. year teachers... But here is my packet going into Senior Year at my Military Highschool I did not get into S.L.E I'm working on nominations at this time...
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    CFA Events/Competition?

    Hey all... I sadly did not attend this year's SLE, but I'm a 2023 hopeful from MT. I had a question about CFA events. My upper body strength has always been lacking. My CFA is pretty good, except for my pull ups. The most I've ever done is 8, but I normally test either 5 or 6. I've looked...