competitive nomination

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    Competitive Area for Nominations?

    Hi, I want to apply to the Air Force Academy, and I'm wondering if my area is very competitive for nominations. I'm from Florida, specifically the Miami area. I think that it's probably quite competitive, because of the large population and the amount of Air Forces bases in the state and nearby...
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    How Competitive am I?

    Hi everyone I know this is kind of late to ask as a senior right about now, but I guess it's better done late than never. I have a nomination interview tomorrow and so I decided to look through the forums a a bit today and after seeing some other peoples posts, I've come to the realization that...
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    Competitive vs Principal Nomination

    For USMA and USNA would my DS's portal show whether it is a competitive or a principal nomination or would that only be spelled out in a letter from the MOC? DS received word from USMA via email that he got the nomination and then when he checked his portal it was there (checked off and showing...