complete hold

  1. SandBaby

    "Complete & On Hold"

    Hello! I've seen similar questions all over this forum, but I guess it's my turn to ask what I can do about my "Complete & on hold" status in DoDMETS. My case has been Complete & on hold as of 11/14/2021. From what I can gather, it's fairly common for applicants to be in this status for a...
  2. B

    “Complete and on hold” for 3rd Time

    My status goes back and forth between complete and complete and on hold, and I’m still stuck in DODMETS. Should I be worried? I had MrMullen assist me during my second time on hold, and the issue seemed to be clear (he was so helpful and I am very thankful!). My status changed to “complete” and...
  3. B

    Status Confusion

    I’ve already completed my exams and for a while I was under “complete and on hold” through DODMETS. I had missed a parent signature which I quickly turned in and was fixed after about a week. However, my status was still on hold since the doctor needed to do something and it was two weeks before...
  4. R

    Status Complete-Hold

    Recently finished all of my medical exams and my status on DoDMETS has changed from incomplete to complete-hold. Is this a bad thing? And how do I deal with waivers? I checked off and explained my allergies and single-time, experimental marijuana usage. Will a waiver automatically be requested...