computer preference

  1. F

    Computer Preference Form

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any recommendations on what computer package I should choose before R Day? I've heard that there are benefits to accepting the full one. However, I'm not sure if it will be worth it to have all of the extra things included.
  2. P

    Which branch should I join?

    I'm stuck between the army reserve, navy reserve and airforce reserve. I want to be a cyber officer in one of these after graduating with my bachelor's in computer science/engineering. I want to do reserve first then active duty if I like the environment. Which would guarantee me the position...
  3. birdwatcher4125

    Is the "Computer Preference (Optional Package)" worth the $400?

    Yesterday the "Computer Preference (Optional Package)" became available on the Candidate Portal, and I'm wondering if it's worth the $400? I'm thinking that it probably is, and I'll do anything I'm able to make DS' time there easier & more productive. However, I feel the need to due my due...