1. birdwatcher4125

    Is the "Computer Preference (Optional Package)" worth the $400?

    Yesterday the "Computer Preference (Optional Package)" became available on the Candidate Portal, and I'm wondering if it's worth the $400? I'm thinking that it probably is, and I'll do anything I'm able to make DS' time there easier & more productive. However, I feel the need to due my due...
  2. P

    West Point Honor Code

    How has the Honor Committee ruled on downloading unlicensed movies/videos or watching streaming videos from unlicensed sites? Is this considered stealing?
  3. cama93

    AP Computers or Physics?

    Hello all, I am going to be a senior next year (class of 2022 for a service academy, hopefully) and I am filling out my classes for next year. I have read that being proficient in computers is necessary for an academy regardless of your major, so I planned to take AP Computer Science next year...
  4. S

    Cadet Personal Computers

    I have a few questions regarding the Laptops issued to cadets. I am an incoming freshman, and at the summer seminar last year my cadre informed me that the school issued laptops (respectfully) sucked, and that I was better off purchasing my own as long is it was a windows computer and had a...