1. S

    Problem with logging into Candidate Portal

    Im not sure what the issue is. I tried contacting admissions but no answer.
  2. J

    LOA- What does this mean? How do I open it?

    Opened my portal today to find my status has changed from pending review to a LOA! (YAY!) However, everything is already checked off, I have a principal nomination from my MOC, and I made it through DoDMERB fully qualified. So, what does a LOA mean at this point? Do I have to do anything...
  3. J

    I dont know if ROTC is for me

    I’m a senior in college and contracted as an Ms3 in army rotc. I was able to get a two year scholarship because even though I am senior I had about two years of courses left. This was because it took me a while to decide on my major which is finance. I feel like ROTC isn’t for me because it...