1. crymsonwynters

    Academy Enrollment Math

    So, as I understand it, each member of the House and Senate, and the Vice President each can have five cadets at USAFA at one time. That's 2680 cadets. The Presidential, Honor JROTC, Enlisted/Reservist vacancies, and Children of Disabled/Deceased Vets add another 350-375 cadets to the total. So...
  2. D

    Same Recomendation Letters for Different Nom Sources?

    I am currently in the process of applying for a congressional nomination from my two US senators and my state representative for my district and I have a brief question about the letters of recommendation required for my applications. Is it acceptable to have the same 3 rec providers use the...
  3. U

    Questions about Congressional Nominations

    So I've heard there there are 3 ways for MOC to make nominations to the USNA: 1. There's a principal nominee who the USNA has to admit into the academy if they meet the requirements 2. There's a principal nominee and all the other nominees are ranked in order of preference 3. All nominees are...
  4. Maplerock

    No more Principal Nominations.

    It is time to eliminate principal nominations from Members of Congress. The subjective nature of them is grossly unfair to other applicants. It doesn’t eliminate the possibility of them gaining admission, but it surely restricts their path. If you search principal nomination (PNoms) on this...