1. Apples-And-Oranges

    Can you get disqualified for meeting with a counselor?

    If I go see my parents marriage counselor with them to try to help one of my parents and me get along better, will that disqualify me? I've looked on these forums and don't see any questions like mine. It's not depression or that there's any mental illness or anything, we just want help getting...
  2. C

    High School Senior Courses

    I am at the point in my junior year when I need to pick my classes for next year. I understand the Academy emphasizes STEM courses. However, math is not a subject I would describe as being easy for me. I have taken all algebra courses, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics so far. I did not to...
  3. U

    Recently had DoDMERB exam, will I be DQ'ed?

    Hello, I had my DoDMERB exam this past Monday, and I am worried I will be DQ'ed. I wear glasses, and have astigmatism. I have heard that the DQ for astigmatism is +/- 3.00, I am -1.25 but I am still worried because I have other things that could potentially DQ me. There was a time during my...