1. A

    USNA Course Rigor/Depth

    Hello I was wondering how the courses offered at the USNA, more specifically their Computer Science/Computer Engineering programs, compare to the top, non-military colleges (MIT, Princeton, Georgia Tech, etc.) in terms of rigor/depth. I've heard that, because of the other missions of the Naval...
  2. M

    Dropping a college course?

    DS is enrolled in 18 credit hours and playing D1 football. He is thinking of dropping one of his 3 hour courses, just so he can better balance his time. He is taking Calc, Chem, MacroEcon, Poli Sci, and Philosophy. He would most likely drop Philosophy or Poli Sci. How will the admissions board...
  3. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC College Programmer

    After not receiving the scholarship this year, I have decided continuing pursue either a 3 year scholarship, either at my first or second choice. When you join the college program, does anyone know if you have to immediately choose between Navy or Marine option? Or do you only choose once you...