1. DestroyerOfCommies

    Appointment notification via COVID vaccination email?

    I got an email from West Point telling me to get vaccinated. This normally wouldn’t seem unusual, but the email’s wording made it seem like I was offered an appointment (I checked on my candidate portal and there’s nothing mentioning an appointment)… Can somebody please tell me if this is an...
  2. I

    Sports vs Extracurricular during Covid

    I have posted before about sports being affected by Covid, but being in a big city in California, it is hard to participate in sports. It is especially hard for me as if I get it, then my mom could have a possibility of being affected immensely as her immune system is weak due to her...
  3. B

    COVID-19 Vaccine Screening Form and Immunization Questionnaire

    Is it possible for someone who has access to these two documents to reply to this thread with a link that works for those who can’t get their Adobe, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc, to open the documents? I was wondering if they downloaded the links into a pdf and posted them here if it would...
  4. BeanBoi45

    COVID Vaccine and Travel

    I am on schedule to get the Moderna covid vaccine. Before I get it, I would like to make sure it won’t be any issue down the road. Does usafa, or any of the academies for that matter, require a specific type of vaccine? I’m not sure what the plan is to vaccinate cadets or if there is one, but I...
  5. E

    COVID-19 Vaccine

    I am currently on the payroll of a long term care facility and will be receiving the first round of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. Do you recommend that I take this vaccine? I am worried that side effects or any other complication could DQ me during DODMERB examination (I have heard...
  6. R

    Question about COVID-19 Impact on Admissions

    So as stated by many in past threads, COVID really has affected admissions for all service academies greatly. I was wondering what you guys thought about COVID impacting admissions and competitiveness? My personal opinion is that the number of overall students applying to the academies will be...
  7. D

    Interesting op-ed on Cobra Gold and COVID-19

    From an op-ed written by Marine Corps and Air Force veterans: "It's simply baffling that the U.S. military is still clinging to the barbaric killing of live animals in the Cobra Gold training that is more reminiscent of a frat party gone wrong than a military drill. ... Given all we know about...