1. Z

    Summer experience

    I am heading into my MS2 year ( not contracted) and I was thinking about applying for CULP for the next summer, just have a few questions. Do you have to be contracted to apply for CULP? And what other opportunities are there for a MS2 besides CULP if I were to not get accepted? Thanks.
  2. N

    Army ROTC CULP

    Submitted by CULP application for 2017 on 10/20/16 and on the Army Cadet Portal, my status says "submitted/certified." Other cadets in my batallion have heard about their CULP deployment and I am wondering whether or not I did not receive a CULP assignment, or if my status of...
  3. D

    CULP 2017

    Hello, I'm currently a 4-year contracted MS1 cadet who missed the CULP deadline this year by 1 week. This summer I'm most likely attending CIET in Fort Knox, Kentucky, but next summer, 2017, I plan on applying for CULP and attending wherever I can, I would love to go anywhere with the Army and...
  4. Chlobear


    Hey everyone! I'm a college freshman on scholarship in AFROTC who applied for an Advanced I Chinese Program through Project GO. I took Chinese for four years in high school and I'm in college-level third year Chinese currently, hoping to potentially double major in chemistry and Chinese. I had a...