1. lmmcc

    Differing Deadlines

    Prior to being issued a different deadline than what I thought was the standard January 31st date, I was unaware USAFA had different deadlines for different candidates. It was my assumption that all candidates had until January 31st to get their application in; however, I was assigned a November...
  2. disd00dtho

    File completion

    Do you need everything on your portal overview to have green check marks next to them by the 31st or are the yellow arrows good as well? (I think yellow arrows mean sent in but not reviewed) Also does the DodMerb need to be completed by the 31st as well?
  3. LJ-USAF-22

    Application Timing

    I am currently ready and wanting to submit my pre-candidate packet, but am held back by a single thing on that particular application. My ACT/SAT test score has been something I have struggled with all of Junior year and having taken each test 2 times I have gotten near the same score every time...