1. K

    Remedial Status- where to go from here?

    My son received an LOA back in August from USCGA. He completed the Dobmerb process in early September but had not received any further information since. After reaching out to admissions, he was told that his result status with DODMets is showing as “remedial”. With the site down they were...
  2. SandBaby

    "Complete & On Hold"

    Hello! I've seen similar questions all over this forum, but I guess it's my turn to ask what I can do about my "Complete & on hold" status in DoDMETS. My case has been Complete & on hold as of 11/14/2021. From what I can gather, it's fairly common for applicants to be in this status for a...
  3. X

    Awaiting Receipt Of Remedial

    Because I was pending disqualification, DODMERB had me complete AMIs and I turned them in. When I emailed them the person responded saying they got my AMIs and would forward them and that it should take 15 business days to process. That was back on the first day of November. When I check my...
  4. M

    Physician's Letter and Medical Waivers

    My son is in the process of applying for a medical waiver for the AFROTC pertaining to ADD. The TSgt has requested a letter from his physician that she can send up. His Doctor is requesting guidance on the format of how this letter should written. Does anyone have an example of one that they...