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    ADD Criteria for waiver

    I am currently in the process of applying for a waiver from DODMERB after they denied my application due to a history of ADD. I have completed 3 years of my college career with a GPA of 3.0. I'm wondering what specific criteria DODMERB considers when granting a waiver for a history of ADD. In...
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    Dodmerb ADHD DQ

    I revived an initial DQ from dodmerb for having ADHD and have some remedials. However these remedials don’t seem like they would help them decide in my favor right now they are are just my transcripts and High school IEP. This is my second year (AS200) in Afrotc and I want to make sure to do...
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    Hi, It is my dream to join Air Force. I contacted a recruiter and was about to join; however, I read that past medical history. I was prescribed ADHD medication by a doctor who eventually lost her license to practice (never had IEP) but recently got off the medication this past year. I took ACT...
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    So I’m completing my DODMERB paperwork and I put down I had ADD back in 2012. I took meds for 1 year and that’s it because the doctors saw that I didn’t need it. Since then I haven’t taken any meds nor do I have any health conditions, so my question is will I be automatically disqualified? -I’m...