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    Here are the facts of the situation: A variety of events caused me to lose focus in school (These were significant events that effected my entire family; homeless at one point, etc.) I was taken to a psychologist and prescribed concerta (aka methylphenidate) for attention problems I took this...
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    Hey. I'm current a 4/C MIDN and I recently recieved a 4 year scholarship and now I have to begin worrying about DODMERB. I was treated for childhood asthma when I was about 6 years old. I was treated for ADHD from about 1st grade-7th grade. I was treated for anxiety with LexiPro from freshman to...
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    Academic Skills Disorder

    I am "under waiver review" for taking ADHD medicine for a couple of months during the first semester of my junior year of high school. I got off of it and performed the exact same (straight A's) the next semester as when I was on the medication. It has almost been a year since I have been off...
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    What to provide for AMI

    I need to provide AMIs for my Asthma and ADHD, what do some of you recommend that I provide to them? I was thinking of providing a methacholine challenge test, and requesting my primary care physician to write or send a letter to the respective personnel. Other than those two what should I...
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    Hi, It is my dream to join Air Force. I contacted a recruiter and was about to join; however, I read that past medical history. I was prescribed ADHD medication by a doctor who eventually lost her license to practice (never had IEP) but recently got off the medication this past year. I took ACT...
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    ADHD Waiver Help (AFROTC)

    To explain my situation. When I was younger I was diagnosed and given medication for ADHD and took that medication for a while. December of 2018 was the date of my last prescription (although I stopped taking it in like august of that year). So this month is my 2-year point of no meds. I NEVER...