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    West Point application - allergies/cough

    I am excited to be applying for West Point. My biggest worry is the Dodmerb Report of Medical History. I have been getting allergy shots for environmental sensitivities for about 4 years and should be able to stop those in the upcoming year. I rarely need any over the counter meds or anything...
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    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

    So here is the situation: I was last seen for "asthma" approximately one month after my 13th birthday. I already know this will result in a DQ. I have never been prescribed any medication or seen for asthma after that date; however, the word "asthma" still appears in my conditions to this day...
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    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

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    Asthma Waiver AROTC

    Figured I'd make a post detailing my waiver process to help anyone out there going through the same thing. I was diagnosed with asthma as a toddler and had inhalers prescribed up until I was 16. I never used the inhalers past my 10th birthday but they were still prescribed as a precaution. I...
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    Disqualified for things I don't have?

    I was medically DQ'ed by DoDMERB early on the application process. It was really frustrating because everything that they claimed I had, I didn't. When I was in my physical exam I even stated that I did not have these medical issues. Thankfully I was able to get a waiver to USAFA and I'm fairly...
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    Asthma Waiver

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has received a waiver for class of ‘23 or has experience with the waiver timeline/process. I took exams back in August and was told I was disqualified due to asthma (I use an inhaler, but have never been hospitalized or had a serious asthma attack). I am...
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    Past Medical History

    Hello! I am about to re-enter the process of applying to USNA; application opens April 1st. I was unable to complete my CFA by the deadline last year, so my application was never reviewed. When I was looking at the DoDMERB Medical Questionnaire, it says about wheezing. If I wheezed when 2 years...
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    Possible Asthma DQ?

    So I have a question regarding a possible asthma and allergies DQ. When I was 6 years old until shortly after I turned 9 years old, I saw an allergy-immunologist who initially diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and intrinsic asthma. During the ages mentioned, I was taking an inhaled steroid for...