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    DODMERB disqualification from NROTC for "asthma, reactive airway disease, or exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13"

    Hello, As the subject says, I got DQ'd for asthma. However I have never used an inhaler, one was prescribed to me becuase I had a cough due to the flu last year but I never even picked it up. Did the breathing test via the pulmonologist and the doctor said I did not have asthma. Sent the...
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    What Docs to Submit to Be Considered For Waiver?

    Hi all, I'm on track for NROTC after receiving the Marine Option scholarship, and recently got DQ'd for asthma, allergies, and eczema. For my asthma, I haven't needed my inhaler for any physical activity since I was twelve. My eczema was mild, and I have only gotten it once, two years ago. For...
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    DODMERB Asthma Questions

    Hello, I was recently notified that I earned a four year AROTC scholarship to the college that I am heading to next fall and I am currently in the process of filling out the DODMERB questionnaire. That's all well and good, but I'm concerned about my history regarding asthma. I had what doctors...
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    What to provide for AMI

    I need to provide AMIs for my Asthma and ADHD, what do some of you recommend that I provide to them? I was thinking of providing a methacholine challenge test, and requesting my primary care physician to write or send a letter to the respective personnel. Other than those two what should I...
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    West Point application - allergies/cough

    I am excited to be applying for West Point. My biggest worry is the Dodmerb Report of Medical History. I have been getting allergy shots for environmental sensitivities for about 4 years and should be able to stop those in the upcoming year. I rarely need any over the counter meds or anything...
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    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

    So here is the situation: I was last seen for "asthma" approximately one month after my 13th birthday. I already know this will result in a DQ. I have never been prescribed any medication or seen for asthma after that date; however, the word "asthma" still appears in my conditions to this day...
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    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

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    Asthma Waiver AROTC

    Figured I'd make a post detailing my waiver process to help anyone out there going through the same thing. I was diagnosed with asthma as a toddler and had inhalers prescribed up until I was 16. I never used the inhalers past my 10th birthday but they were still prescribed as a precaution. I...
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    Disqualified for things I don't have?

    I was medically DQ'ed by DoDMERB early on the application process. It was really frustrating because everything that they claimed I had, I didn't. When I was in my physical exam I even stated that I did not have these medical issues. Thankfully I was able to get a waiver to USAFA and I'm fairly...
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    Asthma Waiver

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has received a waiver for class of ‘23 or has experience with the waiver timeline/process. I took exams back in August and was told I was disqualified due to asthma (I use an inhaler, but have never been hospitalized or had a serious asthma attack). I am...
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    Past Medical History

    Hello! I am about to re-enter the process of applying to USNA; application opens April 1st. I was unable to complete my CFA by the deadline last year, so my application was never reviewed. When I was looking at the DoDMERB Medical Questionnaire, it says about wheezing. If I wheezed when 2 years...
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    Possible Asthma DQ?

    So I have a question regarding a possible asthma and allergies DQ. When I was 6 years old until shortly after I turned 9 years old, I saw an allergy-immunologist who initially diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and intrinsic asthma. During the ages mentioned, I was taking an inhaled steroid for...