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    Possibly failed depth perception, and esotropia. AFROTC Scholarship on the line?

    Hello! Today I just completed my optometric examination at a civilian institution. I think I may have failed the depth perception exam because I couldn't tell which circle "stood out" to me. I did correctly identify which animals stood out though. They also noted I have minor esotropia, because...
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    Single Disqualification After Accepting Appointment, Waiver Under Review

    I wanted to first thank everyone for taking the time to read this post and provide guidance for me and my family moving forward. Thank you in advance! To provide context, I was medically qualified on November 20th, 2020 and accepted an appointment to USMA in February 2021. I recently found out...
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    Dyslexia limited to advanced math and highly compensated, how many chances of being rejected? How many chances for a waiver?

    Dyslexia limited to advanced math and highly compensated, how many chances of being rejected? How many chances for a waiver?
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    strabismus history

    I have a history of strabismus (crossing of the eyes). I have had a strabismus surgery twice in the last 3 years (in 2018 at 15 years old & in 2020 when I was 17 years old). My last surgery was just now a year ago. Since the last surgery I have not had any issues with double vision, only at the...
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    DoDMERB Issue. Asking for guidance/opinions.

    Hi- I’m wondering if anyone has seen a strange DoDMERB situation like this/or if they know how to fix it. I am currently in AFROTC, and I have been disqualified for “hearing loss”, which I believe is because I had a faulty/inaccurate hearing test at the DoDMERB contracted-provider. I received...
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    My DODMERB situation...

    Hello, I am currently applying to USAFA class of 2025. I have been steadily working on my application since June and I'm happy to report that my CFA, nomination interviews, ALO interviews are all scheduled and/or completed. One thing that I had overlooked throughout the process is the DODMERB...
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    What do the asterisks mean?

    Hi everyone, So I was looking up the medical qualifications at and I realized there are different asterisks [*, **, ***] next to different disqualifications. I couldn't find a key explaining what they meant, and I was wondering if...
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    Received DQ today. Are these codes "waiverable?"

    DS was DQ'd by DoDMERB today with the following codes: D155.70 Myopia - refractive error greater than -8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) Myopia - refractive error greater than -8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) D225.00 History of any dislocation, subluxation or instability of the...
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    Possible DQ?

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my AROTC Battalion, in the process of getting my NG Minuteman scholarship and contracting, and this one condition I have is making me really worried about my upcoming physical in literally 2 days. I have IgA Nephropathy (Berger's Disease) and I found out about this back in...
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    DODMERB Urine Test

    Does the DODMERB still have a urine test? If so what does it test for?
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    Prior Service Seeking ROTC with Anxiety/Depression in History, am i PDQ?

    TL:DR. Did 9 years got out in 2016. In 2012 i went to behavioral health and received counseling for adjustment. depression. No drugs just psychological counseling, its annotated on my medical record. Everything was good a few months later, deployed, did great things etc. Got out and on my final...
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    DoDMERB Timeline?

    I completed my exams a week or two ago and my status has been changed to "Complete." How do I know that I am qualified and how long should I expect that to take. Then after that, what's next?
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    AROTC DoDMERB - Syncope

    I am currently Active Army and have been selected for the CG's hip pocket scholarship SY 19-20 at my post. I have been accepted to the school and the whole 9 yards. My packet was submitted on the goarmy site and my status is currently eligible as of 25MAR19. I was wondering if anyone had...
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    Waiver for 'mood disorder', our student was accepted to the Academy, has a nomination, etc. but learned that she has been medically disqualified due to a 'mood disorder.' History is that she did discuss concerns with her mood (i.e. some anxiety with school, social situations) with her pediatricians (twice) in...
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    If I am over the weight limit for the Army?

    So I received the AROTC 4-year scholarship and am going to Vanderbilt next year, and am currently scheduling my DoDMERB exams; however, I am a couple pounds over the Army's weight vs height limit. Will this prevent me from being able to go on scholarship? Will I be ineligible to receive my...
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    Will I be automatically DQ?

    Hi there, I recently became "Board Ready" under my ROTC Cadet Command scholarship status! However, I feel as if my chances are slim of getting the scholarship. Even though the chances don't seem to high, I've decided to look at "next steps," just in case. DoDMERB is definitely on that list...
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    DoDMERB Questions

    After looking over the survey that candidates have to take before the DoDMERB appointment, I have a few questions: 1) Under the use of medications portion of the survey, it asks for regular medication use. I currently have an IUD implanted and have not had a period in 3 years. Later on, it asks...
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    Dodmerb help

    Hello Everyone I am a Cadet at Det 085 Uc Berkeley and I have been a cadet for a year now. I’m a fit 18 year old and have never had any medical problems before and was performing well within my detachment. At the end of my first year as a AS100 before DodMerb exams for everyone I had a normal...
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    DoDMERB and complete hearing lost in one ear

    I'm now becoming a senior the moment we start school. And I have already started my application for USAFA. But I have a complete hearing loss in my right ear and I know this will disqualify me on DoDMERB I was hoping to know if there is any way I could get around that, like a waiver or...
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    Hi, does anybody know how strict the dodmerb is on scarring? I have a few large noticeable scars on my bicep, from an incident at the beach, but they are all healed. I also have one on my cheek from a snake bite a long time ago. None of these will interfere with the military equipment. Would I...