dodmerb results

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    Received DQ today. Are these codes "waiverable?"

    DS was DQ'd by DoDMERB today with the following codes: D155.70 Myopia - refractive error greater than -8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) Myopia - refractive error greater than -8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) D225.00 History of any dislocation, subluxation or instability of the...
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    How Squeaky of a Squeaky Wheel to be?

    I had remedials requested on 04 APR and had everything turned in by 11 APR. I called DODMERB on 15 APR to check out my status and I was told that my packet was with the doctor. How long should I wait to call back? I don't want to be annoying... but i'd also like to make sure that stuff is...
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    AROTC DoDMERB - Syncope

    I am currently Active Army and have been selected for the CG's hip pocket scholarship SY 19-20 at my post. I have been accepted to the school and the whole 9 yards. My packet was submitted on the goarmy site and my status is currently eligible as of 25MAR19. I was wondering if anyone had...
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    How Long for DoDMERB results?

    My son had his DoDMERB exams a few weeks ago and was verbally told there were no issues but he has yet to see the information processed on his portal for USMA or USNA. Does anyone know how long that generally takes?