dodmerb waiver

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    Hi, my name is Leo. I will be a sophomore when I start AFROTC. I have an allergy to shellfish (I was not advised to carry an epipen, though I was provided a prescription in case I wanted one. Which I didn't, so I just carry benadryl to take in case of a reaction and if it doesnt go away I...
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    Daughter did not receive waiver by DoDMERB; chance to appeal?

    Daughter received primary nom and was informed she was admitted to NA pending medical waiver for minor, seasonal excema. Just received email that her waiver was not granted. What recourse do we have? This is truly a minor condition and know that other candidates have been accepted with major...
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    dodmerb waiver chances??

    I received my DODMERB decision today, and I've been disqualified for a single condition. I've been doing research on if I should contact the regional commander to request a waiver, or if I should sit still and let admissions handle it, and I've found both answers online. I would consider myself...
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    ROTC - DoDMERB Tree Nut Allergy Waiver Concern

    Hey everyone, I have seen threads similar to my question, but not exactly the same as mine. I received a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I am currently going back and forth with DoDMERB about waivers and medical history and all of the things I am sure you all are aware of. My current status...
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    DODMERB Concerns

    Hello! I'm a candidate for USAFA and I am currently going through the medical evaluation process. I am concerned about my possible asthma history. My doctor has prescribed me Albuterol Sulfate in the past. I used it in 2017, when I was under 13, for pre-asthmatic concerns. I haven't used...
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    Osteochondral Lesion/Microfracture Surgery Waivers

    Applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027... I had some pain in my knee playing basketball in 8th grade and I was diagnosed by MRI with an osteochondral lesion (cartilage on kneecap was damaged). To fix it, I had microfracture surgery to fix the cartilage. Long story short, my knee has...
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    Likelihood of Waiver

    Hey all, I'm currently an MS2 and received word today that I will have to go through the waiver process. I got denied because of "Current or history of recurrent orchitis or epididymitis," and I was wondering about the likelihood of the waiver request being granted. I knew going in it would be a...