dodmerb waiver

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    DODMERB Concerns

    Hello! I'm a candidate for USAFA and I am currently going through the medical evaluation process. I am concerned about my possible asthma history. My doctor has prescribed me Albuterol Sulfate in the past. I used it in 2017, when I was under 13, for pre-asthmatic concerns. I haven't used...
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    Osteochondral Lesion/Microfracture Surgery Waivers

    Applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027... I had some pain in my knee playing basketball in 8th grade and I was diagnosed by MRI with an osteochondral lesion (cartilage on kneecap was damaged). To fix it, I had microfracture surgery to fix the cartilage. Long story short, my knee has...
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    Likelihood of Waiver

    Hey all, I'm currently an MS2 and received word today that I will have to go through the waiver process. I got denied because of "Current or history of recurrent orchitis or epididymitis," and I was wondering about the likelihood of the waiver request being granted. I knew going in it would be a...