1. R

    Stuck in DODMERB remedial

    So I’m in AFROTC and got a remedial because I put that I was told I had double vision when I first got contacts or so I thought. When I went to my optometrist they said they had no record of me having it and I also don’t believe I do. I went back and forth with dodmerb because they kept saying...
  2. M


    Been selected for nrotc mo and have to complete dodmerb exam in the near future. Wanted to see if anyone had experience with a DQ for GERD. I was diagnosed with GERD about a year back and took medication for a month and haven’t had any issues since. Based off Dodmerb 6130.03 1) History of...
  3. C

    Under DoDMERB Review

    I am a USNA applicant and my status has been "Under DoDMERB Review for months now... is this normal? when will this change? I have been to all my exams and it says I am in the database.
  4. U

    USMMA Waiver Process

    I understand this subject involves DoDMERB, but my question is more pertaining to the USMMA. I am a current applicant to the academy, and I have been medically disqualified by DoDMERB for a condition I never had. DoDMERB has recently informed me that they are finally reconsidering their...
  5. A


    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  6. A

    DODMERB, Asthma, additional testing

    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  7. S


    First post, though I’ve lurked on here for a long time. I had a quick question about the DODMERB. A few months ago I had the medical exam done for the USNA, and I was qualified, and that was that. I also applied for the NROTC MO scholarship earlier this Fall. About a week ago I got an email from...
  8. trepei

    Submit Waiver "Supporting Materials" as They Come In?

    Hello, I am currently a candidate for USNA & USAFA, and have been medically DQ'd for a dislocation of the patella in 7th grade. I have returned to full athletic capability since, and have been cleared for as much by a doctor. USNA has begun the waiver process for me, and has requested...
  9. G

    Accutane on Scholarship

    Hi all, I’m a freshman at Virginia Tech on an active Marine Option NROTC 4-year scholarship. I’ve been DoDMERB qualified since last November with no issues. I’ve been looking at taking Accutane to treat severe acne for a while now, and I’d love to just do the 3 months and get it over with. I...
  10. N

    Corrective eye surgery questions

    Does anybody know if the U.S. Naval Academy allows prior corective eye surgery like PRK or LASIK? If so, do they require waivers? Are they hard to get? Can I become a pilot with it?
  11. R

    Will I be automatically DQ?

    Hi there, I recently became "Board Ready" under my ROTC Cadet Command scholarship status! However, I feel as if my chances are slim of getting the scholarship. Even though the chances don't seem to high, I've decided to look at "next steps," just in case. DoDMERB is definitely on that list...
  12. sbbm9901

    DoDMERB Portal Status Question

    My DD has applied to 4/5 academies and has been given a remedial to see a Dr. for updated x-rays. We have already had the appointment and should have materials soon. However, when she went on the DoDMERB portal it shows the remedial but only for West Point, the other 3 academies show as Under...
  13. C

    Alcohol Consumption - Hospitlization (Want to join ROTC)

    Hi everyone, About a year ago, when I was 19, I had gone to a formal event and had never drank before and did not plan on it. I honestly do not even remember consuming any alcohol, but ended up very intoxicated. I requested my friend to get me a ride home since I knew I did not feel right - and...
  14. J

    Want to join ROTC as a Sophomore

    Hi everyone, I would like to join ROTC as a sophomore. I was wondering how the process goes compared to MEPS. Is a Med Read done first or the actual physical? How would I qualify for a scholarship? Some more personal info: I have a history of scoliosis - no longer have it. Unfortunately, got a...
  15. Z

    DoDMERB Status

    Hello, I'm in a bit of a unique situation and am really clueless when it comes to this but I has a single disqualification on my DoDMERB because I have ADHD. However, I take a prescription that basically makes me perfectly normal and my ADHD does not effect me. The situation is that I'm in...
  16. P


    Hello all. I'm a sophomore in AFROTC and today I found out my DODMERB had been placed on pending status until I get some things resolved. I noted in my questionnaire that I had briefly seen a counselor during my freshman year of high school, seeing as I had some issues going on at the time. I...
  17. S

    Tough Position (LOA received but medical issues)

    Hi, I have received an LOA last week for USNA. The only issue is that I might have compartment syndrome in my legs, and if so, I would need surgery for them down the line. The issue is that I really want to go to the academy but I don't want something like this stopping my dream as a whole...
  18. birdwatcher4125

    DoDMERB Forms

    Hello! I have my DoDMERB exams today, and I was hoping someone could tell me for sure what paperwork I need to bring along. I'm assuming I need to bring my medical records, the form the DoDMERB website had me print off at the end of the questionnaire, proof of insurance, and I.D. Am I missing...
  19. J

    PDQ from Army NG?? - Want to join ROTC

    Hi Everyone, I have quite the complicated situation, which hasn't really made sense to anyone I have spoken with. I was recently denied a waiver to permission to physical at MEPS by the Army NG after waiting for 8 months. (Dissaprove NPS Applicant request MEPS Physical for scoliosis (M4120)) -...
  20. curiousas250

    Follow-up Questions on Alcohol

    While filling out my DoDMERB today I checked yes to the question regarding my usage of alcohol and was asked to clarify with several follow-up questions. These follow-up questions are asking me to enter the names of the physicians who treated me for “alcohol” and what my diagnosis of “alcohol”...