1. L

    Will My Medical Records Prevent Me From Getting in to WP?

    I am a 17 year old girl, I was diagnosed with somewhat severe asthma at age 12, It is mostly controlled but there have be outbursts. I was in the ER three times last year but I have been doing great since then and have cut down on almost all of my medicines (I only take an inhaler before working...
  2. G

    DODMERB Genital Exam for Males

    Hello, I have a question about the DODMERB exam regarding the potion that examines the male genitalia. I've been told it's just a "cough" test. Is that the case? I'm pretty clear on the other parts of the exam. I'm just confused on this part
  3. J

    Waiver for DoDMERB, but what about AFSC?

    During AFROTC, if someone get's DQ for DoDMERB but gets a waiver, do they then have to do the same thing when they get their AFSC? Let's say you took the DoDMERB, got DQ, got a waiver and now you got a slot as a Missileer one year later, but need a Flight Class III physical. Do you have to go...
  4. J

    Chances of Peanut Allergy DQ

    I'm an AS200 in AFROTC. I have my DoDMERB appointments coming up in a few weeks. I have a minor allergy to peanuts. I can eat small amounts of them, all that happens is when I have too much I get a rash on my arm. I'm constantly exposed to them at home, cross contamination on a daily basis, and...
  5. A

    Urine Test

    Good evening, I was just doing my research on the DODMERB and saw that they run a urine test. I’m not worried about it but is there anybody that has recently taken it that can explain what they look for, if it is a “drug test” or what they test for? Thank you!!! :)
  6. U

    Present Health Questionnaire

    Hello All, I have to fill out my present health questionnaire. There are two things that are bothering me. One is that I have been going to physical therapy to increase the arch in my feet. My application already disclosed flat feet from the previous year, and I was not disqualified for this...
  7. M

    Dodmerb disqualification

    I just received a letter saying my DODMERB medical exam was disqualified because of a history of adjustment disorder. I am very shocked because I have never had any mental health problems and there is no record of any mental health problems on my file. I have been told that there is a waiver...
  8. K

    DoDmerb status

    Hey guys! I did all 3 medical exams on December 1. The DoDMETS case is complete. Can anybody enlighten me on how long it usually takes before the "unknown" will change to something more informative? How long did it take in your case?
  9. C

    Heart Mumur DQ?

    I have never been diagnosed with any type of irregularity or heart trouble before and I went to my DoDMERB today and the doctor said I had a slight heart murmur. I am freaking out because in my recent previous sports physicals I have not been diagnosed with a heart murmur and I have never felt...
  10. ZstamandUSAFA

    AFROTC Waiver Denied - AETC HQ

    Hey all, I am a cadet at Florida State University. Currently an AS250 and getting ready for field training this summer. I just got word from Cadre and DODMERB that my Waiver for my D225.00 History of any dislocation, subluxation, or instability of the shoulder, was denied. It is very confusing...
  11. M

    Wavier Denial Issue

    Hello, I have been fighting with DODMERB for over a year now for having asthma listed in my medical records. The problem is that I was never really dependent on any medication (even though I was prescribed some), and I have had a pulmonologist write me a letter saying so. I have taken several...
  12. C

    DoDMERB Waiver

    Recently, I received notice that I was medically disqualified because of "Anisometropia" (vision is much stronger in one eye than the other, though no lazy eye), though my vision is still correctable to 20/20. Strangely, I was qualified for the Air Force Academy, despite this. Are the chances...
  13. G

    Marine Option NROTC Supplemental Forms and DoDMERB

    Hello, all. I have a couple questions regarding the Marine-option NROTC scholarship process. I've finished the online application but have not submitted because I want to review them with my OSO. It also says I have to complete three "supplemental forms" that are "available on web site". The...
  14. M

    Can you submit your application and then complete DODMERB?

    Can you submit your application (with essays, test scores, etc) and then complete DODMERB when your application is sent off? It says here ( that you can complete it from September to February. Can I submit my...
  15. H

    Waiver with LOA

    Hey, I have a LOA to USMA, but I have to get a medical waiver. I know it's impossible to tell if a person is going to receive a waiver, but am I more likely to receive a waiver if I have a LOA? Or is it still possible that I'll be denied? Thanks.
  16. H

    Remedial Codes

    Hey, my current status right now is "Remedial Requested." I have a general idea of what to do, but I don't know where to find the remedial codes. Can I find it somewhere on the website, or am I going to be sent something in the mail with detailed instructions? And if it's going to be sent to me...
  17. THParent


    I just thought I would mention a few things about WAITING, based on what I have seen as a new user on the forum. This is a list of my opinions and observations, and I am trying my best to inject a little dry humor as I go. Unless you're an astronaut, you're not getting off this planet alive, so...
  18. M

    DODMERB DQ waiver for Hypertension

    So I recently had my physical for the Green to Gold ADO and was told by my provider that because I had a past Diagnosis for Hypertension that I would be disqualified. I am 24 years old, and a pretty active person. I understand that high blood pressure is a silent killer but I have never had...
  19. V

    ADD Waiver

    Hello all, I'm currently going through the process of the Army ROTC Scholarship application. I had some questions that you all might be able to answer about an ADD Waiver. I took ADD medication (concerta) from 6th grade to 11th grade. I stopped taking it 5 months ago in April. With no...
  20. B

    Waiver Appeal

    I was disqualified by DoDMERB, due to history of spinal fusion with instrumentation. I had a spinal fusion about 4 years ago to correct scoliosis, two metal rods and crews that can be taken out at anytime, but is just an unnecessary surgery. My detachment proceeded to submit a waiver for me...